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The Holidays are upon us again! After all that's happened, we really need to have some fun - this year of all years.

For many of us, Halloween is truly the most fun of all the Holidays!  If you're a train buff, why not enjoy it even more by setting up your own Halloween railroad diorama at home. 

Department 56 and Lemax Spooky Town have the greatest collection of Halloween houses and figurines that I know of. You could set up one or two long folding tables covered with a dark cloth, place a number of these houses all around and then connect them with a winding, looping or point-to-point Halloween train.  Light up the houses using the Just Plug Lighting system from Woodland Scenics for special effects.  It wouldn't be much work.  The kids would love it. And when Halloween is over, you can pack it up and store it away for next year. 

An O scale train, like the Hogwarts Express or G scale train would be best. It wouldn't be exactly to scale, but close enough to get the effect that you want. 

Here are a few items that might inspire you to get started...