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Building Your Model Railroad is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to  

We have many products on hand in our warehouse ready for immediate shipping (Featured Category).

For items that are not on hand at the BYMRR Warehouse, we provide dropshipping from Amazon, Walmart and other U.S. warehouses. In most cases shipping is just as fast as with the items we have on hand if not faster. However, we don't always have control over the speed of shipping from other suppliers or  warehouses. This process may take up to 2 weeks or longer if the item is on backorder. We will always strive to keep you informed of the estimated delivery date and tracking numbers when your products are shipped. We will provide a refund and/or return label if your item does not arrive within a reasonable time.



Category Listings:

Please note: Model railroad products and accessories are not toys and are not intended for children under the age of 14. Some model railroad products are inadvertently listed as"Toys" when they are imported from suppliers. We try to correct those category listings as much as possible.

Toy products are listed in the "Toy" Category.

Products with small parts should not be used by children under the age of 3.



The weights that are listed for products are not always accurate.



All photos appearing on this site have either been taken personally by the author or their licenses for use have been purchased from a stock photo distributor (eg., Adobe) or permitted by the advertising affiliate (eg., Amazon).



We try very hard to keep track of inventory and rely on our software to help with that, but when dealing with hundreds of products, the inventory count is not always correct. If we are out of stock for an item you have ordered, we may make a substitution to give you the same or similar item with a different road-name, or color, or slightly different in some other way. In this case, we will often provide extra similar items at no extra charge and/or provide a discount on your next order, or a store credit. If we don't have anything similar to what you ordered, we will provide a refund for the missing item immediately. We will communicate these issues to you either on the packing slip that comes with your order or by email. If this is not acceptable or satisfactory, please let us know by email or phone so we can do whatever we can to provide a quick and easy resolution. We are very easy to work with and will bend over backwards to help. 

When you place your order, you may send us a note in the appropriate section on the Checkout Page that we receive when your order comes through. You may want to write a note to us like: 

  • Write on the box: "Do not open till Dec. 25"
  • No substitutions please
  • No delivery on Saturday or Sunday
  • Use Code **** at the gate
  • Or any other instructions for us or the Courier




Please let us know if you are disappointed with our store or our service in any way. We will do our absolute best to resolve any problems or concerns you might have.

After you receive your order, you will also receive an email request for a review, which will only take a few seconds. Please complete this if at all possible at the time you receive it. It helps us tremendously to get your feedback.


Thank you so much for being our customer! We value the opportunity to serve you. We want you to think of us as your personal go-to train store for information as well as supplies.


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Note: All non-product photos used on this site have either been taken by the author or the licenses have been purchased.

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