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Safety First

Safety First

Nov 28th 2020

Safety in the Train Room

Are you safety-conscious when working on your layout?

Here is a list of safety items and tips that should be considered a MUST for every model railroader:

~ Fire extinguisher - up to date.

~ Safety glasses or goggles

~ A single on-off switch (permanently installed or remote) that controls the power to everything in or on your layout.

~ A fire and carbon monoxide alarm

~ A mask to avoid breathing in paint and other fumes

~ Use a ventilated paint booth when spray painting or airbrushing

~ Gloves when necessary to avoid cuts and scrapes that could get infected

~ Circuit overload protectors or fuses to prevent short circuits from causing overheating, fires, or damage to your equipment.

~ Avoid clutter. Keep cords and tools out of the aisles, so you are not tripping over them. Same thing with throw rugs.

~ Read the directions carefully for your power tools, especially the safety sections.

~ During the coronavirus pandemic, always wear a mask during operating sessions or when family and friends are visiting the layout. Use social distancing as much as possible. An even better solution would be to invite your friends and family to see the layout virtually, instead of physically.

~ Consider having insurance  to protect any damage that occurs to your layout or expensive equipment. It is not that expensive and provides a lot of peace of mind.

(Reprinted with permission from Tracks, December, 2020) 

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