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If you're going to build a model railroad layout, or even a diorama, you have to have something to put it on. It could be a ping pong table like I used when I started. But if you continue on in the hobby, you will need something much more substantial. 

Here we have some listings of relatively small pieces of wood that could be put together to create benchwork. If you need larger sheets of plywood or lumber, it would be best for you to go to your nearest lumber supply store. These pieces will do in a pinch, or if you wish to add on to an existing layout, or if you are just creating a diorama.

The masonite board is great for fascia that goes around the front of the layout and hides the wiring, etc. It is also great for attaching control panels and toggle switches.

The construction foam sheets are used as a base for your layout on top of the plywood surface. It can be easily cut using a hot wire knife. You can hide wires in the foam sheets and you can dig out lakes, creeks and rivers. 

The white Styrofoam sheets can be used to build terrain, like mountains, tunnels, bridges, cliffs, etc. 

See the following link to the Benchwork Page on the Building Your Model Railroad site for more details.


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